Raleigh: Occupy Joins Neighbors to Reoccupy Evicted Home

This morning at 9am, dozens of people started gathering around an empty home at 2633 Pebble Meadow Lane in Raleigh. While some entered and locked themselves inside, others stood in front in the yard and driveway. The occupiers were there, with the support of the original homeowners, to actively reoccupy a home that had been taken by the bank.

Police acted early, sending in squad cars and taping off the road to only allow pedestrian traffic. It appeared that for a good while they were waiting either for clear orders regarding who was the actual owner of the property, or perhaps simply backup.

Throughout the day more folks showed up, and by early afternoon there were roughly 50 folks inside and outside the home, including also media. The environment was peaceful, tranquil even, as folks met old friends, shared food and updates about different struggles, and basically chilled out in the front yard.

Eventually, however, around 3pm the tone shifted dramatically, with as many as 50 police showing in blue uniforms, marching down the small residential street two by two. They were accompanied by two paddy wagons, and quickly surrounded the house, ordering folks to leave or be arrested. Most people regrouped at the other side of the street, while some were arrested. Those who regrouped yelled at and argued with the cops, but were eventually pushed farther down the street to view the scene from the yard of a sympathetic neighbor participating in the protest.

Several police entered the house in riot gear, while others sat with guns drawn facing an open window on the second floor. Two more were pulled out of the house in this manner, the paddy wagons left, and the protest was “over.”

It goes without saying the anger and rage we feel for this army of order-following automatrons, who can simply remove a family from their home at a bank’s will. It’s only equaled by the frustration we feel at our own powerlessness to stop them. There is no easy solution to this problem outside of our own growth, training, and the spreading of ideas and the practices of revolt. What happened today was only briefly planned and of a fairly urgent nature; we can only hope that this practice of home “occupation” spreads, that in the future more neighbors come out to support the actions of those who are increasingly desperate, but perhaps decreasingly few.

Specifics regarding the number of arrests, ways to support arrestees, background information on the family and their home, as well as photos and video, will probably be available soon at http://www.occupygreensboro.org and http://www.occupyraleigh.org.


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