Guerilla Gardening Begins

March 17, 2012: Today, the Carrboro Commune firmly rooted our presence at 201 North Greensboro Street. Corporate giant CVS, who intends to develop this lot as a 24-7 megastore, enclosed it in a chain link fence after the previous building occupation on February 4th. After camping overnight across the street on a public greenway, we kicked off the morning of guerilla gardening by streaming recycled cloth garlands over the fences and chalking in the street.  No sooner than we began, police arrived to serve and protect capitalism, detaining and arresting a peacefully chalking gardener in a crosswalk.  Other gardeners broke ground and prepared a neglected raised bed for planting. They established a burgeoning garden, extending around the fence, full of basil, cabbage, yarrow, marigolds, tomatoes, morning glories and other medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables brought by the community.  A wooden sign painted with moss was installed encouraging passersby to Garden Everywhere. Gardeners threw seed bombs into the neglected lot in hopes that more plants will take root, in spite of CVS’s efforts to keep the community from utilizing and enjoying this contested space. Festive banners, suncatchers, pinecone birdfeeders, and educational signs adorned both the garden and the encampment. Thanks to our friends at Croatan Earth First! for their support and partnership.  And thanks to friends, neighbors and perfect strangers who stepped out of the bounds of everyday life and joined us.

Next Meeting of the Carrboro Commune – Corner of Weaver Street and Greensboro – Carrboro

Monday March 19th 6pm


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  1. Wasn’t your peacefully chalking gardener blocking traffic by being in the intersection for too long?

    • They were walking across the street; essentially arrested and jailed for jaywalking.

      Quoted from the DTH:

      “Hutchison said this offense sometimes results in a citation, but officers used their discretion Saturday to make an arrest.

      “It sends a very strong message to the rest of the participants that unlawful behavior will be dealt with legally and strongly,” she said.”

      In other words, they made a special case of arresting the guy because it was a political protest.

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