Carrboro Commune Announces Guerilla Gardening Day

Folks active with the Carrboro Commune have publicly announced an open day of guerilla gardening at 201 N. Greensboro St., one of the contested properties currently owned by CVS. The press release is below:

“On March 17, 2012, join us in Carrboro to grow plants and community through guerrilla gardening! The Carrboro Commune, an open affiliation of community members concerned about the corporate domination of public space, will collaborate with other local organizations to transform the unused lot at 201 Greensboro Street into a vibrant garden providing edible, medicinal, and beautiful plants for the general public.

201 Greensboro Street and surrounding properties are currently slated to be the site of a widely unpopular twenty-four-hour CVS megastore. Activists occupied the building on February 4, distributing a brochure explaining that, “Local residents have repeatedly expressed that the site should serve some kind of community interest rather than corporate profits… [Yet] the channels at Town Hall offer no meaningful way for affected community members to determine what should be here.” On March 17, in solidarity with a worldwide day of action against Monsanto and the worldwide movement for social and economic justice, we will oppose the power of corporations here in our community by reclaiming this space.

Carrboro Commune representatives will attend the neighborhood meeting at Carrboro Town Hall on February 8 to announce this Day of Action.

Press Contact:

Maria Rowan


Media coverage of the announcement can be found at:


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  1. If these kids decide to plant a “community garden” on this site my dog will be graciously adding to the daily and nightly watering tasks of this “community garden”.

    Who are these kids, anyway? Trust funders from out of town? First , they’re demanding a communty center across the street from our existing community center, and now they want to start a community garden down the street from our existing community garden. Are they really stupid or just from out of town?

    • Probably some fertilizer would be helpful, thanks!

      And no, these were town residents.

      Are you suggesting the one small garden you cite grows enough food already for the town? Do you think that one “community center” (owned by the government, expensive to rent out, rarely used, hardly run by “the commmunity” in any real sense) is all we should have?

      While on that subject, how about the CVS we ALREADY HAVE across the street, the new massive walgreens being built on franklin, the OTHER new walgreens just put on franklin…….

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